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Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend and Dating History

By on Sep 30, 2014

Ryan Seacrest is most known for being the host of the TV show American Idol. This big name host has received a lot of attention in the media over the years. One of the things you should know is the many women he has dated in his time in the spotlight. While no want has grabbed the title of Ryan Seacrest wife, he does have several girlfriends and rumored girlfriends worth noting.

Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend Erica Lancellotti 2002 to 2003

She is the owner of New York’s Bar Candy. She discussed her relationship with Ryan Seacrest while on the Howard Stern Show. She said that while their relationship only lasted several month, it was an open relationship.

Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend Shana Wall 2003 to 2005

These two started dating in 2003 amongst many rumors that he was actually gay. The two were together and very happy for almost two years before they split. There is no public information on how they met or the reason for the split.

Ryan Seacrest Rumored Girlfriend Paulina Rubio 2005

There were pictures that circulated of Seacrest kissing Paulina Rubio, a Mexican actress and singer. There were never any other pictures taken of the two and no other pictures ever surfaced of the two.

Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend Teri Hatcher March 2006

These two had a short lived fling in spring of 2006. How they met is not public knowledge, just as no one knows why things ended with the two. Hatcher has said in interviews that even she does not know why Seacrest ended the relationship.

Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend Sophie Monk 2008

There was a brief relationship between Ryan Seacrest and this actress from the UK. Unfortunately they only went on a few dates before she tired of him and moved on. There were rumors that she was fresh off of a breakup when they got together.

Ryan Seacrest Rumored Girlfriend Katrina Darrell 2009

American Idol has had many memorable moments, but for fans of Ryan Seacrest the biggest one came when one of the contestants kissed him on air. This started many rumors they were dating though Seacrest denied them.

Ryan Seacrest Girlfriend Juliane Hough June 2010 to March 2013

These two were famous for their reality shows and hit it off in real life. Everything between the two seemed fine and there were many rumors the two were engaged or about to be engaged. Then in March of 2013 the couple unexpectedly broke up.

Ryan Seacrest Rumored Girlfriend Dominique Piek July 2013 to Present

While there has been no confirmation of a relationship between these two, they have been spotted together on several occasions. This includes on vacation in Frace.