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Sean Hannity Wife and Dating History

By on Sep 30, 2014

The Early Years

Although little information is available on Hannity’s early relationships, he has revealed to the press that he was an active clubber and bartender during his youth. In an interview with Playboy, the conservative icon remarked that although he was never “Tom Cruise in Cocktail or anything,” he still “did okay in terms of dating.”


Jill Rhodes

Sean Hannity met his future Sean Hannity wife in Huntsville, Alabama in 1991. Hannity, who had originally worked as a contractor for a home renovation company, was beginning his career in the media. This was his first big radio gig, administering a debate for the 1992 Huntsville mayoral election. While setting up the debate, Hannity met a young journalist named Jill Rhodes, who was working as a columnist for the local Huntsville Times. The two immediately hit it off, and after only three months, they were inseparable.

Rhodes and Hannity shared more than physical attraction. Both were conservative journalists, so their relationship represented an alliance. Over the next few months, Hannity began to ask for Rhodes’s suggestions on programs for his radio show. Their mutual collaboration helped to solidify their relationship.

Hannity’s popularity as a conservative commentator quickly grew, and it wasn’t long before his superiors decided to give him a more influential position. After three months in Huntsville, he was reassigned to Atlanta. Not wanting to jeopardize his relationship with Rhodes, Hannity asked her to move with him. Rhodes agreed, but with one condition: if she was going to follow her him to a new city, she wanted to do so as his fiancee, not as Sean Hannity girlfriend. Hannity happily obliged her, emptying his wallet for an engagement ring.

Hannity and Rhodes faced one final obstacle before they could tie the knot: their pastor didn’t like Hannity. The young radio star had previously expressed concerns that his church had become “too liberal.” The pastor did not appreciate these comments, and advised Rhodes not to marry Hannity. Despite this, the two were wed in 1993. They have since had two children, Patrick and Merri Kelly.


Lusting After Other Women

In December of 2013, Sean Hannity admitted during an interview that he “noticed attractive people” other than his wife. This provoked an outcry among Hannity’s viewers, many of whom see him as a model of conservative virtue. Many have taken an interest in Jill, and the number of Google queries involving her name has shot up. Despite Hannity’s admission, there is no evidence that the two have weakened as a couple.